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Important Forms

Useful forms to get your started on your journey.

Young Male Nurse

Form 1

We have Study Coordinators in our office specifically dedicated to our clinical research department. They are trained to take care of the needs of our study patients and answer any questions they may have. All volunteers are assigned a specific person and phone number in our office to contact with questions.

Front Desk at Clinic

Form 2

Once a participant is enrolled in a study they will receive a MasterCard branded debit card. Reimbursement for time and travel are credited to the debit card after most study related visits.

Woman on Phone

Form 3

Participants may not always know what medication they are taking, but they certainly know if they feel better on it and if their underlying disease has improved.

Two Men Fishing

I was surprised by how easy the process was from the beginning to the end. The team at Lucas took care of everything.

Ed, Morehead City


Answering Your Questions About Diabetes

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