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Clinical Research

Is participating in a study right for you?

During a clinical study, the disease in question, such as diabetes, is looked at more closely and more frequently than in an average office visit. Monitoring supplies, medication, and lab work are generally provided at no charge. Patients have the opportunity to contribute to knowledge about a new medication and help it become generally available for others.

Most patients involved in clinical trials feel that they are getting value out of the experience. They are concentrating more on their diabetes during the study and that focus, in the long run, helps them better manage their disease in the future.

We have Study Coordinators in our office specifically dedicated to our clinical research department. They are trained to take care of the needs of our study patients and answer any questions they may have. All volunteers are assigned a specific person and phone number in our office to contact with questions. Once a participant is enrolled in a study they will receive a MasterCard branded debit card. Reimbursement for time and travel are credited to the debit card after most study related visits. Participants may not always know what medication they are taking, but they certainly know if they feel better on it and if their underlying disease has improved.


Not everyone will qualify for a study on their first visit. We will make every effort to qualify you for a study.
Sometimes we will even see you for several visits free of charge until the right study comes along for you.
Once you do qualify for a study you will start to be compensated for time and travel as well as receive
the medications and lab work for free too.


If you are ready to take the next steps to see if you can participate in clinical research,
fill out one of our questionnaires to speed things along!

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Find out if you qualify for a study and get on the list for upcoming studies by filling out our volunteer form.


Answering Your Questions About Diabetes

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