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Back to School

DREAM Back to School Giveaway

Lucas Research is this year's host of the DREAM Organization's Back to School Giveaway! Join us in providing young students with the supplies they need for the school year. Your generous contributions will enable children in our community to concentrate on their academic achievements rather than worrying about having the necessary tools for their studies.

Please drop off items at our Morehead City location:

623 N 35th Street

Morehead City, NC

Empower local students. Ensure they start the school year with confidence and enthusiasm.

Needed Items (K-5)


Writing Supplies

Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Highlighters, Colored pencils (12pk), Crayons (24pk) , Washable markers, Thin-tip dry erase markers, Sharpies

Red Calculator


Over the ear headphones (no Bluetooth)



Marble notebooks, Wide-ruled paper, Spiral notebooks, Index cards,

2 and 5-subject notebooks, Post-it notes

School Supplies


Facial tissues, Hand Sanitizer

School Backpack


Backpacks, Binders, Folders, Pencil Cases/Pouches, Scissors, Glue Sticks, Pencil sharpeners, Rulers

Apple in Lunchbox

Lunchtime Supplies

Lunchboxes or Lunch Bags, Reusable water bottles

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