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American Diabetes Association: 2017 Charlotte Tour de Cure

The American Diabetes Association hosts events to unite people with diabetes and their families with others to make a difference for the diabetes cause. By sharing the experience and raising awareness, attendees raise funds to prevent and cure diabetes. These events are fun too!

The whole community is welcome to join!  Get involved! Let’s get out and stop diabetes!

On September 16, the ADA’s Tour de Cure will be hosted in Charlotte, NC. You can register and donate to this cause

The 2017 Charlotte Tour de Cure will be located and the Ballantyne Corporate Park. National sponsors, like Lilly Diabetes and Primal, are supporting the cause.  At the event, you can choose to participate in walking, running, or riding your bike.

Choose Your Route

There are many different routes for the walk, run, or ride in Charlotte.  The bike routes include 15, 24, 43, 63, and 100-mile distances. Whether you choose the 1 or 3-mile walk, or the 5k run, get excited because this event will be great fun.  Every mile counts; every mile matters.

Register Now

The registration fee is $20 to join in these activities up until June 30. Registration will increase to $25 on July 1 and again to $30 on August 16. On the day of the event, registration will be $35 per person. So, sign up now and get the best rate!

If you have Type 1 or Type diabetes, register as a Red Rider for the cycling portion or a Red Strider if you decide to walk or run the marathon. This event celebrates you! At the event, you will get special recognition.

Fundraising For Diabetes

There is a $200 minimum for fundraising.  The money raised at the 2017 Charlotte Tour de Cure event will be used for several meaningful diabetes causes.  Some of the funds will go to educational programs. Other funds will be for research and advocacy. We want to advocate to empower those suffering from diabetes. Diabetics live with the constant mindset to manage and control their blood glucose levels every single day.

So far, over $10,000 has been raised of the $200,000 goal. Top fundraiser contributors include Tito’s Handmade Vodka with a $2,000 donation and Bob Dotson who contributed $1,459. Other lead funders include Siemens Caring Hands with $900 and Team Red Charlotte with a $1,475 contribution.

Join The Fun, Make An Impact

Right now, there’s 110 participants and 36 teams registered. You can join Team Red today. This team is for anyone not already on a team. Invite your family and friends out to the event and enjoy the day people participating for the same cause.

You can explore events near you now. Join the 2017 Charlotte Tour de Cure for a  fun-filled day. Celebrate measures to prevent and cure diabetes through raising money and getting active to stay healthy at this event for diabetes. All around it will be a good time!

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