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Diabetes Distress

Stressing Over Diabetes

Do you stress about having diabetes? Stress about monitoring your blood glucose over 6 times per day? Having stress about staying on the diet your doctor or nutritionist recommends for you? Stressed about having too much sugar in that piece of cake while everyone else around is eating without giving the sugar amount a second thought?

Diabetes Distress

Diabetes distress is a real problem for some people diagnosed with diabetes. It makes you frustrated, sad, angry, tired, and has so many other negative attributes.  Diabetes distress is a specific depression for those living with diabetes. Because diabetes can be a lifelong health condition, many diabetics have this form of depression.

Diabetes distress is a condition for diabetics that starts when there is the continuous stress of the 24/7 requirements and demands associated with diabetes. Pricking your finger several times per day and always being conscious of the foods you eat is stressful.  The demands are even tougher for those that are dependent on insulin.  It is difficult to keep blood glucose levels in the safety zone for some diabetics. Some people find the possibility of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia very scary. They are at risk if their blood glucose levels rise or fall too quickly.

VP at the American Diabetes Association, Alicia Fogarty, says that diabetes distress is the extra burden consisting of juggling the same things in the life of everyone else as well as, “make sure to check their blood sugar, remember to take their medicine and/or adjust their insulin doses, and count carbohydrates when they eat.” Even then after submitting to all of those demands, she says that diabetics sometimes still have to deal with seeing their blood sugar levels go up.

Lucas Research Can Help

diabetes distress coping

If you are struggling to cope with managing your condition, look no further. Lucas Research can help motivate you to feel better. We are continuously doing diabetes research and finding ways to reduce symptoms and control diabetes.

Remember, it is very important that you recognize and treat diabetes distress. Left untreated, it can impact your blood sugar levels negatively.  This can be very dangerous.  Treatment does not require antidepressants as they will not help someone with diabetes distress. Instead, we recommend you follow these tips:

1. Set new goals for your blood sugar management and tackle them one at a time. 2. Educate yourself on the management basic again. 3. Talk with your healthcare provider or diabetes educator about less tolling regimens. Also, having the support of family and friends is another very important key to treating diabetes distress.  Friends and family can support you, remind you to check your blood glucose levels, and help motivate you to eat right and exercise more often.

Check out our other blogs on hopeful solutions, healthy eating and exercise, and find out ways you can start reversing your diabetes today! Don’t stress over your diabetes. Let us help you manage your diabetes so you can worry less.

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