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Diabetic Healthy Eating

Eating Health With Diabetes

Here at Lucas Research, the diabetic care doesn’t start and end in the doctor’s office. It starts at home with the choices you make, from what you put in your body, to how much activity you get. For your blood sugar control to not take over your daily life, we’ve come up with some ideas for different meals you can eat throughout different times of your day.

Our first example is breakfast. We recommend one of the following: egg dish (scrambled eggs, crustless quiche, boiled eggs), low fat cottage cheese with 1 cup of blueberries, or oatmeal with fruit, nuts or peanut butter added in. For dinner, it is important to stick to good lean meats and vegetables while trying to avoid heavy starches. Check out this article by Everyday Health for more diabetes friendly breakfast ideas!

A difficult thing for diabetic patients is learning how to eat meals out. Generally, fast food restaurants aren’t the best bet for diabetics. Learning to recognize healthy options is key. Try ordering lean meats, vegetables, and salads. A diabetic also wants to try and avoid heavy starches and skip those desserts. Another great idea after eating out is grabbing a friend and going for a walk to work off some of that meal you ate and it helps keep your blood sugar and insulin levels from rising too quickly. A diabetic wants to also limit alcohol and sugary drink intake. It is best to stick to water and other drinks that don’t have a lot of sugar or artificial sweetener.

Our team is always available for questions, comments, concerns and look forward to working with you on your diabetic healthy lifestyle!

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