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Doctor, Could it be my Thyroid?

Ever asked your doctor that question?  It is not an unusual question.  Since the thyroid affects practically every cell in the body, it may be responsible for quite a few symptoms.

The thyroid regulates your metabolic rate or how fast you burn calories for energy.  The thyroid is blamed for weight gain all the time.  People think a low thyroid level will cause weight gain and a high level will help them lose weight.  Unfortunately, some people with a low thyroid lose weight because of decreased hunger and about half the hyperthyroid people gain weight because of feeling hungry and shaky if they do not eat on time.

Low thyroid levels can cause fatigue and sleepiness but so can sleep deprivation.

Abnormal thyroid levels affect the hair and skin along with a myriad of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Being nervous and shaky can be a sign of hyperthyroidism but it can also be symptoms of anxiety or hypoglycemia.

Just because you may have one of these symptoms does not mean you have a thyroid problem.  However, thyroid disease is very easy to test for.  The TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) is the regulator of the thyroid gland.  When your thyroid is not working enough for you, the TSH goes up to try to beat the thyroid into working harder.  When the thyroid is working too hard, the TSH is very low since it is not needed.

The thyroid is located below the voice box and moves with swallowing.  If your thyroid is too large, you may see a U-shaped object go up and down with each swallow.  Your thyroid may be large for many reasons.

Time to go see your doctor and ask, “Doctor, could it be my thyroid?”  If not, continue your quest for the correct answer.

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