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Forget Food Labels

Everyone is trying to lose weight.  We are entranced by the latest diets.  You think, “Maybe after I do this diet, I can actually keep the weight off this time.”   For a brief shining moment when you are analyzing your food behavior, you actually seem to get it.  You are not hungry when you are on the diet.  You see your weight improving.  You are exercising just like the program asks you.  You are even keeping a food diary on your smartphone. It is smooth sailing ahead.

What happens then?  You know the diet is temporary until you lose the weight you want.  You do not learn how to change your habits permanently because of the allusion of a quick fix to your weight problem.  You force yourself to exercise for the time you are on the diet but do not stay with it long enough to make it a habit.

To achieve success in getting to a healthy weight, you have to change your habits permanently.  You have to be aware of your failures in the past and make some successes now.   Change is hard.  One change at a time is best.

What foods are on every diet?  Fresh fruits and vegetables.  Chicken, fish, and other low fat meats.  What is the common attribute of these foods?  They have no food labels.  Eat all you want and exercise.  Start with that and you will never be hungry again.

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