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Gazing, Grazing & Glazing: Surviving Thanksgiving

How did Thanksgiving become about food?   Did the pilgrims consume 3000-5000 calories on the first Thanksgiving and fall into food comas in front of the TV?   If you have health problems which are made worse by eating (almost all of them), then maybe you want to do something differently this year.

What would a pilgrim do?

  1. Instead of foraging for food, you can expend pilgrim energy by exercising every day the week before Thanksgiving and exercise before and after Thanksgiving meal.  Walk at least 10 minutes after all meals.   Add other people to your walk.   Those not walking will be stuck with cleaning up.

  2. To have enough energy to prepare the feast, a good pilgrim would be sure to eat a good breakfast that morning.  Load up with protein to prevent hunger at Thanksgiving dinner.

  3. Drink a glass of water prior to each meal.  Hold a glass of water or non-caloric fluid in your dominant hand to prevent using that hand for anything else.

  4. Feast on the company.  Actually listen to each person there and find out what is going on with them.  Make new acquaintances as the pilgrims and Native Americans did.

  5. Pilgrims had limited choices in clothes.  Wear clothes that do not expand.  Snug pants instead of sweat pants will make you feel full faster.

  6. In a land of plenty, we eat fast.  If we had limited food, we would eat slowly.  This technique will enjoy you to savor your food and prevent people from offering you seconds and thirds.

Instead of being a day of giving food, we should give thanks.  It involves a lot less calories and makes you feel better.

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