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Current medications to treat diabetes are vast improvements over the past when all we had was insulin and sulfonylureas.  Many medications now actually correct multiple underlying genetic defects which cause Type 2 Diabetes.

Unfortunately, these new medications are NOT MAGIC!!  They will not let you eat anything you want.  They will not make you exercise.  They will not remove the excessive starches and sugars from your plate.  They will not cause your car to avoid the drive-thru to pick up fast food for supper.  They will not prevent your eating mindlessly while watching TV or working.  They will not prevent your co-workers from bringing high calorie foods into the office. They will not make you realize that eating is not the only way you socialize with others.

Why are people on so many medications for diabetes?   They think the medication will do all the work for them.  But your medications are screaming, “PLEASE HELP US WORK FOR YOU!!”   Would you rather pay another high co-pay for a medication or just not drink sugared drinks?  Would you rather take an extra insulin shot or just not eat starches with your evening meal?  Would you rather wear out your pancreas or just walk after eating?

It is your choice but the best blood sugar results are obtained by healthy habits working in conjunction with medication.  JUST DO IT!!

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