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Holiday Travel Snacks

Traveling during the holiday season can be crazy. When you add in trying to find diabetic snack for the road, it can be a hassle. We’ve combined a list for you of snacks with different carbohydrate levels. A great way to organize these could be with small snack baggies, or even using a crafting box with little dividers.

Less than 5 Grams of Carbs

·      15 almonds

·      1 hard-boiled egg

·      1 piece of string cheese

·      10 gold-fish crackers

·      A cup of light popcorn

10-20 Grams of Carbs

·      Three cups of light popcorn

·      2 rice cakes

·      1/3 cup of hummus + 1 cup of raw cut veggies

30 Grams of Carbs

(Also great to eat before exercise!)

·      1 English muffin

·      1 medium banana with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

It’s always a great a time during the holiday seeing friends and family. We’re here to help keep it easy and seamless. If you’re carb counting, be sure to include the little snacks, they make a difference! Mindless snacking from hitting a gas station snack aisle can really impact your diabetic eating. Stock up in advance on healthy eating options so you always have them on hand. If you have any more questions, Please feel free to reach out to us!

healthy diabetic snacks
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