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Join America’s Diabetes Challenge

The American Diabetes Association has launched America’s Diabetes Challenge.

The American Diabetes Association’s challenge encourages Type 2 diabetes patients to reach their A1C goals. A1C is measured as the average blood glucose level over the past 2-3 months. Also, patients can talk to their doctors about low blood glucose risks. It is important to talk to your doctor about hypoglycemia. When blood sugar levels are not under control and reach extreme levels, your health is in danger. Reducing the risk of hypoglycemia is one of the major goals of America’s Diabetes Challenge.

Challenge Yourself To Be The Best You Can Be

Take the next step and participate in the challenge today! Share your experience living with Type 2 diabetes. You can also tell how you’ve supported someone who has diabetes.

Reaching A1C goals can be difficult for some diabetics. For others, these goals can be met by eating healthier and exercising. It’s also important for diabetics to take their prescribed medicine.

Have fun with the challenge. Check out the tips to incorporate into your daily life and get in control of your diabetes.  These fun tips include cooking new recipes that are delicious and healthy. Joining an exercise class is a good step to a healthier lifestyle too.

Share Your Progress

Track your results and share your pictures here. Inspire others with your results through pictures, videos, and stories. Progress is inspiring. When you take the leap and let the world know, others will follow in your steps. Together, accomplish better diabetes management, get healthy, get active, and feel better.

Helpful Tips to Complete The Challenge

America’s Diabetes Challenge categorizes tips by the following topics: eating healthy, exercising, sticking to a treatment plan, coping with the disease, and your support team.

Eating Right

First off, start eating healthier than you have been. Reaching your personal A1C goal is possible when you plan your meals ahead of time. Try scheduling dishes for the week. Stick to a grocery list that contains healthy foods. Switch out junk foods and super sweet treats for foods and desserts that will satisfy your cravings without spiking your blood sugar too high.  Just do meal prep on Mondays for the rest of the week makes eating healthy more manageable. Dedicating just one day to cooking will free up a lot of your time. Check out our healthy eating tips today also.

Move Around

ADC’s health tips include encouraging exercising. Get up and get active. Don’t get intimidated by hardcore workouts. Start making small changes in your exercising.  Adding a 30-minute walk to your day can make a world of difference. Or try yoga! Whichever exercise you decide on, have fun with it. Invite a friend to start exercising with you too. Fitness can be more fun with a friend and it gives you more motivation. You’ll be more committed to the exercise routine with an exercise partner. You can encourage each other to stay active.  And, if you can’t find time to designate to exercise one day, just add more steps into your day.  Keeping your body in motion is key to your health success.

Treatment Routine

Thirdly, stick to a treatment plan.  Blood glucose levels are better managed when diet, exercise, and medication are consistent.  Make life easier with good health habits.  Your treatment plan is personal to you. Your doctor will put you on the correct medication that will fit your needs.  Take the medication as prescribed by your doctor and make it a routine to take your medicine at its scheduled times.  A pillbox can help keep you organized.  Once you know your A1C, you and your doctor can come up with attainable goals for you to achieve. Search ADC for tools to track your A1C. One tool is a blood glucose chart. Putting your goal blood glucose numbers on the chart helps you to strive to reach your goals.

Learn How To Cope

Next, cope with your diabetes the best you can.  It is not so difficult to manage your diabetes when you have a support system of friends and family to encourage you to stay healthy and happy. Talk to your doctor. Be around people that are going to help you to achieve the goals you set. Join the community and help others that have diabetes as well.

The Importance of Motivation

Contributing advice and support will motivate yourself and others.  Managing Type 2 diabetes can be stressful. Avoid diabetes distress that makes health goals seem overwhelming. Set small, realistic goals that can be reached. This will help you stay super motivated and kick discouragement to the curb. When you achieve a goal celebrate it. You should be proud of attaining a goal. All progress is something to be proud of, whether it’s cooking a healthy meal or a gym workout. Give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself. You deserve it!

Help Others With Their Journey

Lastly, you can support others that are living with Type 2 diabetes. Although managing diabetes can be tough, if you support and encourage that person, they will be able to focus much more on their goals.  Learn more about diabetes, listen to them, and spend time together eating healthy meals and exercising.  Go with them to their doctor’s appointments if you can. An extra pair of ears and emotional support will really make them feel like they are not alone.

Join America’s Diabetes Challenge today.

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