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Lose Weight Now!

Christmas is approaching and you want to get into that beautiful dress you bought for holiday parties.  What do you do since you have put off losing weight all year?  What is reasonable?

Tips for losing weight quickly:

·         Focus on the task at hand.

·         Record EVERYTHING you put into your mouth on the app myfitnesspal

·         Goal is 1200 calories per day. Do not count exercise calories burned.

·         Not all calories are equal.  Get rid of all junk food from your house so you will not be tempted to eat it.

·         Avoid drinking calories including alcohol.  (save it for Christmas)

·         Eat lean proteins at every meal.  Eat vegetables at every meal including breakfast.  OK, maybe just eggs for breakfast

·         No snacks

·         Sleep at least 6 hours EVERY night

·         Slow down to go fast.  Eat slowly.  Put down your fork in-between bites and sip on water before taking another bite

·         Walk or exercise daily.  Walking away from the table for at least 10 minutes after every meal which ends up being 30 minutes per day

·         Drink a glass of water prior to eating every meal

·         Do not go out to eat.  (Save that for the holidays)

You only have 2 weeks before Christmas Eve so you better get with it.  Next year, give yourself more time to lose that unnecessary weight.

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