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Pre-Diabetes: What You Need To Know

American Epidemic

Pre-diabetes is an American epidemic. While the American Diabetes Association estimates 29 million Americans have diabetes, astonishing reports state that 86 million people have pre-diabetes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 30% of that 86 million with pre-diabetes will get diabetes within the next five years if preventative measures aren’t taken. Do not risk being diagnosed with diabetes. Don’t let your health turn to where you are struggling day to day with your blood glucose levels.

Don’t Go Untreated, See A Doctor Today

If you have blood sugar levels that are higher than normal, you may be living with undiagnosed pre-diabetes. It is important to have your blood tested 

at your yearly doctor’s appointment or physical if you are experiencing any symptoms of diabetes. A doctor can test and diagnose you and help you with any symptoms you may be experiencing. A physician can also give you advice on monitoring and managing your blood sugar levels. You may need medication to ensure that your levels stay in a safe zone. Diabetes has many damaging effects. Having abnormal blood sugar levels contributes to heart-related issues, kidney, and blood vessel problems.  Pre-diabetes increases your risk of a stroke too.

Taking Measures To Prevent Onset of Diabetes

The best way to counteract the onset of pre-diabetes is to exercise and lose weight. Mercy Medical Center endocrinologist Dr. Amber Champions says, “Losing weight can really be beneficial in preventing the onset or delaying the onset of diabetes for many years.”  Her advice to lose weight includes exercising 30 minutes five times per week and cutting sugary drinks from your diet. Sugary drinks include sodas, fruit juice, and sweet tea.

Become more active. Get up and move for 30 minutes at a time so that your heart rate stays elevated. Choose an exercise activity like walking, running, climbing stairs, jogging, or playing a sport. Stay hydrated while doing so. Exercising and drinking water will improve your metabolism and help keep you in shape.

Increasing your fiber intake has also been shown to help keep you in good health and reduce the risk of high blood sugar. Fiber helps with digestion and maintaining weight.

It is recommended to increase your vegetable intake, one of the main sources of fiber. Also, monitor the number of carbohydrates you are consuming and cut down on the sugary processed foods in your diet. Check out healthy eating tips on our blog.  Making sure the foods you are consuming are low on the glycemic index can help you control your blood sugars.

If you incorporate these diet and exercise tips, your risk of getting Type 2 diabetes will drop by up to 58%.

Stop Pre-Diabetes In Its Tracks

If you do not take preventative measures now, your pre-diabetes could progress to diabetes. Start eating right and exercising more today. Avoid the trouble of dealing with daily management of diabetes and start living right now.

Contact Lucas Research to set up an appointment or submit a question today!

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