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Start Reversing Your Diabetes Today

Diabetes Is Reversible

Believe it or not, diabetes can be reversed. This reversal is achieved when a diabetic is able to get their blood glucose in great control and no longer needs to take medication. Implementing lifestyle changes give the potential to go from being a Type 2 diabetic to being a prediabetic or having no diabetes.

Exercise and healthy eating are the forerunners affecting your blood sugar. Incorporating a daily exercise routine into your life and eating healthy are a great way to manag

e your blood sugars. Losing weight and keeping the pounds off will put you in better control of your diabetes. The healthier you become, the fewer medications, like insulin, you will need. Reaching your optimal weight might mean you may no longer need medications at all!

Some things that affect how long you will have diabetic symptoms include how long you’ve had the condition as well as how serious your condition is. Your genes can also play a role. Research shows that 150 minutes of exercise every week can help slow or completely stop the progress of Type 2 diabetes.

Try one of the routines on the right for one week and see if your blood glucose levels improve.


diabetes health tips

Make sure to walk at least 20-30 minutes per day to stay in shape and maintain good health. Exercise can help improve insulin sensitivity. Walking and or doing cardio about 3 times a week can help to build muscle. Becoming leaner will maximize chances of reversing diabetes.  Dr. Axe recommends burst training . Burst training is an exercise that you can do anywhere at any time. To burst train, you should complete an exercise at 90-100 percent of your maximum heart rate for 30 seconds to one minute and then do up to one minute of lower intensity exercise for the same amount of time. Continue in this cycle for the extent of the time you plan to exercise. This helps you burn up to three times more body fat and lose weight.

Make a Difference Today

Make your positive lifestyle changes as soon as possible. The best reversal chances come when you change your diet and exercise habits right after a diabetes diagnosis. Eating healthy is a natural way to fight your diabetes. Above is an infographic of healthy eating habits that is full of helpful tips!

Make sure to check out our diet tips and start reversing your diabetes today!


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