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4 steps to make clinical research better than flossing your teeth

Every thought to yourself “I’m seeing my dentist Monday, I better floss my teeth”?   How about when the “out-of-town” boss visits your office?  Do you dress just a litter better for work?  There is something about being watched or measured that puts us on our best behavior.   The same is true if your medical doctor is watching you.  What if visiting your endocrinologist was free, and more frequent, and you got paid each visit too?  I bet you would visit your doctor more often; like magic, we eat better, take our medications every day, and our diabetes often gets better.   That is kind of like having a personal diabetes coach or trainer.

When you volunteer for clinical research you not only get access to the newest medication before everyone else, but more frequent visits to our office motivate you to take better care of your diabetes.

1.    Volunteer for clinical research

2.    Pay more attention to your diabetes

3.    Then get all the benefit of focusing on your diabetes

4.    And get paid for each office visit too

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