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Diabetes 101: Back to the Basics

Anyone who has poured syrup on pancakes knows what happens if the coated pancake jumps off the plate into your lap.

The syrup sticks to everything.  You have a hard time getting it off.   You wish you had not even put it on your food.

Now you know what the inside of your body feels like when you have diabetes.  In diabetes, syrup (some people call it sugar or glucose) is too high in the blood.  What does it do there?  Of course, it sticks to everything it runs into.  Over time, the sugar coated blood vessels build up damage and either close up or leak.

How do we prevent damaged blood vessels?  We try to keep that sugar level down to a reasonable level.  If you have diabetes, you know that the standard is not normalcy but acceptability.  Your sugar level does not have to be normal but if it is below a certain range, we know that the complications of diabetes are much less likely to occur.

Get to work.  Quit eating or drinking items which increase your blood sugar.  Take your medication as prescribed and get some exercise.  Avoid being sticky or too sweet.

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