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Still scared of being a guinea pig?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

When some people are asked if they are interested in participating in a clinical research trial, they might respond by saying, “No. I don’t want to be a guinea pig.”

What do they mean by that?

Do they worry that we will put them in a cage with a wheel or send them through an endless maze looking for food? Do they worry that they will be experimented on against their will and have no say in how they participate in a clinical trial?

Many rules now protect research participants’ welfare. Safety is the primary concern of any study. In the consent form, all the risks and benefits of a study are listed. A participant may withdraw from a study at any time.

Of course, it helps to have faith and trust in the investigator who is in charge of the research trial. At Lucas Research, we see our research participants as patients first before and after their participation in a clinical trial. During the progress of the trial, we are committed to providing a great experience for everyone. After their trial is completed, many participants will ask what study they can qualify for next. In addition to no charge for the physician's time at each visit, the participants in a clinical trial receive study-related medication, supplies, and testing at no charge. In facrt, the participants are paid for each visit they attend.

With participation in studies of genetic diseases such as diabetes, volunteers help in the development of new medications for their children and grandchildren to be able to use.

By being in a clinical research trial, you not only help yourself by improving the treatment of your chronic disease, but you are a hero to future generations who have the same struggles as you.

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