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Why can’t I lose any more weight?

You have started on your weight loss quest.  Eating well. Exercising.  The two pounds per week comes off like magic.  You may be able to make your goal weight prior to your cousin’s wedding.  Then it stops.  No further weight loss.  What happened?

Reaching a  plateau may be helpful when you are climbing a steep mountain but it is very frustrating when you need to lose more weight.  Keep in mind it is a common occurrence as the body readjusts to the new weight.

What can you do about it?  First, restart your food diary.  Maybe you got slack and started letting snacks or alcohol creep in.  After one week, evaluate how many calories you are eating and subtract 200.  Then change your exercise routine.  Instead of the treadmill every night, walk outside for longer, join an aerobics class, or lift weights.  To lose weight, you have to SWEAT!!.

Also remember to sleep at least 6 hours at night since less sleep prevents further weight loss.  Deal with stress by meditating, yoga, or exercising more.  Stress tends to sabotage weight loss and prevents sleeping well.

Finally plan for plateaus to occur.  In your weight loss plan, put in a variety of exercise types and meal plans from the start.  The same old thing in food or exercise may lead to the same old weight.  KEEP MOVING AND SWEATING!  GOOD LUCK!

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